Creating unique events and special moments

Get Something Different for your events; something fresh, something unique, something on trend. Something Different Concepts and Shows is a technical, structural and practical styling, décor and design company within the events industry.


What is that something that is different about us?

We are genuine, honest and offer a high-grade service through consistent interaction with our clients. We encourage the collaboration of décor experts, florists, venues and events coordinators to advance the quality of events in South Africa.


Host an event that stands above the rest with Something Different

We are a young, energetic company and are always available to our clients. We provide a value-for-money service by bringing professionalism, experience, reliability and unique international products to an event that is sure to stand out in the crowd.

An insiders tip

Everybody loves feature lighting, chandeliers, naked bulbs, interesting and stylish pendants and funky lights, but these often only have aesthetic appeal. Don’t forget at night, once the room is engulfed in darkness many areas disappear; floral pieces fade into darkness, you can’t see food on buffets or walkways to toilets. Make sure that these areas are lit at night not forgetting, cake tables, downlighting onto flower arrangements and other such “unglamorous” wash lighting. As much as it may be practical not pretty, your photographer, videographer and overall feel of the evening will be better for it.

Frank Nash

Technical, Structural and
Practical Styling & Design
for Events

Something Different brings a stroke of authenticity to weddings, corporate functions, launches, end-of-year and high-end boutique events. We specialise in expressions of individuality through customisation of lighting features, floral arrangements, venue design, cabanas, dance floors, lounge areas and event styling.

We believe even the technical, structural and practical aspects of your event, such as lighting, sound systems, staging and fixtures should bring something special to the overall aesthetic of your events’ décor and design. Often industrial technical companies supply fixtures and equipment that clashes with the look of your event. We believe it is time for Something Different. We give you the freedom to customise your event right the way through to even the smallest technical or structural detail. This means bespoke lighting, slick sound systems, lovely lounging, custom designed décor and uniquely made staging.

In the very aesthetically driven world of the décor industry we have found a unique way to offer you Something Different.

See your event in a Different light

We are on a mission to change perceptions of ‘lighting as a product’ to ‘lighting as a feature’. We do this by offering a range of glamorous and exclusive lights including custom lampshades, perspex, wood, metal and glass pendants and chandeliers in all shapes, sizes and styles. If we can’t source the perfect light for your event, we will create it for you. We love to have fresh, new challenges that can make your event incredibly unique.

Décor that transforms events into a dreams

When we do something different, we do it right down to the smallest detail from styling and décor to picking the perfect shade of petals for your flower pieces. We design your event to be beyond the ordinary with a stock of treasured items and out the box ideas.

Structurally Something Different

When it comes to structures, we are the most advanced in the industry. We are one of the only companies to offer full customisation of dance floors, flooring, sets and stages. We also offer customised gazebos and cubanas to add something special to your function. From set design to classic dance floor styling, we tailor make it all to fit your colour schemes, stationery and even the craziest of ideas. With Something Different, we are constantly creating something fresh from high-end furnishings to premium designs and custom-made products.

See it. Like it. Own it.

You see something you desire, we can make it for you.

Something Desired creates custom furniture and lighting at an affordable rate. Because we specialise in customising to our clients’ needs we can create fabulous handmade yet high end premium pieces just for you.

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