If you want to see Something Different and what we can do, just pick up any bridal magazine or tune in to one of the top lifestyle shows on TV, we are bound to feature. Over the last eight years our events and photo shoots have featured over 60 times in the most popular glossy magazines.

Always looking!

We are always on the lookout for talented companies and individuals who
can help us create something new and different. If you would like to
introduce yourself please drop us a mail.

We are looking for talented companies or individuals who can help us in the following areas:

  • Manufacturing
  • Freelance Project Management
  • Design & Styling
  • Freelance / Part Time Event Work
  • Electrical
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Full time positions available

Job Advert

Exciting Opportunity to Grow in an Events Business in the UK.

Is this you?

Are you looking to challenge yourself?
Looking to jump into an exciting new opportunity?
Wanting to run your own business but perhaps don’t quite want the full risk factor?

  • 5-10 Years Experience in events
  • 3-5 Years of Experience in leading teams/management
  • Business knowledge
  • Creativity and Flair
  • Keen to Develop
  • Want to improve your future business wealth plan
  • Based in London or ability/opportunity to live in London

We are offering an opportunity to start a UK Something Different.
All the infrastructure, brand, products, structure, support and some clients are
all in place. We need a real go-getter who can create concepts and amazing
ideas for clients, manage a team, customize products, run the events and
bring in new and different business.

The individual will have lots of guidance and connection with the South
African branch.

If this interests you, do get hold of us and we can chat more about the position.

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